Start your journey to mastering Mandarin Chinese with the STI Chinese online learning app.

We are proud to introduce STI Chinese, the premier and professional platform for mastering Mandarin Chinese. Our platform boasts an exceptional team of highly experienced Chinese education and language experts, dedicated to providing the optimal classroom experience for learners of all levels. Whether you're a beginner, an HSK test-taker, a business professional, or a Chinese language specialist, we offer comprehensive and tailored resources to suit your specific learning requirements. With STI Chinese, you can embark on your Chinese language journey anytime, from any location, and in your native language!

Our platform offers five distinct courses designed to cater to diverse learning needs:

Basic Pinyin Course: Gain mastery in correct pronunciation and basic rules, while learning to differentiate sounds and tones in listening exercises.

Daily Conversation Course: This course is ideal for beginners, as it equips you with practical vocabulary to confidently converse in Mandarin Chinese within a week.

Standard Chinese Course: Our HSK-level course systematically teaches vocabulary, grammar, and exam techniques. You'll quickly grasp challenging concepts with frequent unit reviews and expert instruction.

Business Chinese Course: This flexible, high-quality, and efficient course is essential for professionals in the workplace, enabling you to enhance your Chinese language communication skills and excel in your career. (Coming soon!)

HSK Exam Preparation Course: Our platform offers professional Chinese language test training with experts who have extensively researched hundreds of authentic simulated exam papers, covering all HSK exam content, including vocabulary from 20 mainstream textbooks and over 5,000 exam points. We'll guide you through each step to achieve exceptional results in the exam.

Our platform is also developed in multiple languages, such as English, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Burmese, and more, to ensure you can learn Chinese in your native language. We offer various course formats, including pre-recorded lessons and live classes, enabling you to learn at your convenience and interact with top-tier teachers. Our personalized course evaluation and tailored study plans ensure a scientific and effective approach to learning.

At STI Chinese, we also incorporate cutting-edge AI technology, including:

AI pre-test evaluation: Accurately assess your Chinese proficiency level and simulate real HSK exam scenarios.

AI speech recognition technology: Correct your pronunciation and help you speak more naturally and accurately.

AI writing recognition technology: Enhance your writing skills by correcting stroke order and penmanship.

We have designed an innovative immersion learning method comprising vocabulary cards, audio-visual materials, and scenario-based short videos, making learning enjoyable and efficient. Our expert teaching team provides homework, exercise question banks, and personalized one-on-one coaching to help you practice and improve your skills. Our platform offers thousands of practice and HSK exam simulation questions to help you master Mandarin Chinese.

At STI Chinese, we are committed to providing high-quality courses, learning content, and exam strategies to help you achieve your Chinese language learning goals. Whether you plan to travel to China, work there, study abroad, or expand your business in the Chinese market, STI Chinese is your optimal choice!

Our platform will continue to update Chinese language learning content and features, providing a wealth of high-quality public welfare courses. At STI Chinese, we make mastering Mandarin Chinese both easy and efficient, unlocking the beauty of Chinese culture for learners worldwide.