Food & Drinks


Learn the names of different types of food and drinks, and how to order food in a restaurant.


Each course is segregated into various chapters, each with its own test that allows you to gauge your own progress.

The course validity period refers to the period you are able to access of the learning materials after the course has been made available to you.

Not yet. Currently, the courses that support multilingual learning include: Pinyin, Standard Chinese Level 1 & 2, and Survival Chinese.

Our Standard Chinese Level 3 & 4, HSK Exam Preparation course, as well as all live lessons, are only available in English for now.

If the lesson video keeps indicating that it is "loading", please check your network. An interrupted or slow internet connection can affect video loading.

In order to ensure that users achieve the desired learning outcomes, users are required to attain a minimum percentage grade for all quizzes and phase tests before subsequent lessons can be unlocked.

Some live lessons are designed to supplement and enhance learning effectiveness, so it is necessary to complete the relevant lesson content first. When you have finished going through all mandatory lesson content and have met all requirements, the live lesson will be automatically unlocked.

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In some live lessons, the teacher will invite students to participate in fun Chinese games. These games use third-party platforms, so students need another device to see the shared screen, the teacher, as well as their classmates during the game. As such, we suggest using your mobile phone to participate in the game and logging into the live lesson using your computer for the best learning experience.

However, should you choose to use only one device, you may still participate in the live lesson as per normal, but be advised that you may not be able to see the teacher and your classmates at certain times.




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